Mystery bagIt is an universal truth, according to our men, finding something in a women purse is like looking for a needle in a haystack ! They don’t understand don’t understand why we actually need all those things. But besides the obvious “junk in your trunk” such as keys, wallet and phone, here are the 9 items you must keep in your bag in any circomstances

1. Make up bag & mirror: for a quick refresh in the bathroom or just to check if nothing is stuck in your teeth, this accessory is essential

2. Book or magazine: to relax during your break and not get bored in the subway

3. Flats: don’t overestimate yourself ! After a long day at work, everyone is relieved to put those on your feet

4. Pen: to be able to note cute guys number 🙂

5. Chewing gum: always come to rescue to refresh your breath

6. Floss: complimentary to the mirror, you will need floss to get the little piece of salad out of your teeth

7. Water: it will cool you down on busy days and keep you healthy

8. A small umbrella: No one is immune to a sudden rain between two meetings

9. Hand sanitizer and lotion: kill the germs you accumulate on your hand

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